Virtual Reality

Gaming evolved

Having a party, we can bring VR gaming at room scale to your party.  With more than a single system or the 'driving' simulator able to transport you and your guests to other worlds, step into an F1 or GT car and hold tight!.

Stadium Concert

Corporate Events

VR Gamer


Electronic Circuit

Systems and Support

We can bring your events to life, with our VR systems able to run your applications or simply provide cutting edge technology to engage clients and employees alike, contact us to discus how we can help bring your event or team building events to life.

Having a party and want to have something different, all ages and events can be supported so don't be afraid to get in touch or you can book on our online system, no part or event is too small.

We can help with the specification and supply of systems to meet your needs for VR and AR systems, for personal or business and all the things needed to deliver a leading edge experience.

get in touch to discuss your needs, business or home use.


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